Blurb 2


59801 Catering

St Mary’s Church Hall in Bearwood

Cladding 3

SS John & Monica Playground Block

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160728 Church Building & Heritage Review Square


St Luke’s Gas Street features in the Church Building & Heritage Review

Proposed Bart Row Elevation

Christopher Wray Building | Bartholomew Row

47310 Street View

Anawim Residential

160505 Roxana Section long

In our sketchbook….

57102 Front Elevation

No: 22


St Luke’s Gas Street

51701 Featured Image

St Mary & St Margaret’s Community Hall

18606 St Martins Feature Image

St Martin in the Bull Ring

57101 Featured Image

Lanfranc House

59501 Technical

Smethwick Council House

Office Exterior 3

SS John & Monica Office

53301 Model

Forest Oak Sixth Form

Ravenhurst Featured Image

Ravenhurst Cottages


St Nicolas Place

SBC Image 12

Shirley Baptist Church

Forest School feature Image

SS John & Monica Forest School

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