160728 Church Building & Heritage Review Square


St Luke’s Gas Street features in the Church Building & Heritage Review

Cladding 3

SS John & Monica Playground Block

Proposed Bart Row Elevation

Christopher Wray Building | Bartholomew Row

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160505 Roxana Section long

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57102 Front Elevation

No: 22


St Luke’s Gas Street

51701 Featured Image

St Mary & St Margaret’s Community Hall

18606 St Martins Feature Image

St Martin in the Bull Ring

57101 Featured Image

Lanfranc House

59501 Technical

Smethwick Council House

47310 Mary St View

Anawim Residential

Office Exterior 3

SS John & Monica Office

53301 Model

Forest Oak Sixth Form

Ravenhurst Featured Image

Ravenhurst Cottages


St Nicolas Place

SBC Image 12

Shirley Baptist Church

Forest School feature Image

SS John & Monica Forest School

47310 Margot Hutchison Featured Image

Margot Hutchison Centre

Hallfield School Featured Image

Hallfield School

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