SS John & Monica Catholic Primary School


Moseley, Birmingham


Project Lead, Architect, Principal Designer, Contract Administrator

RIBA Work Stage


As part of a number of projects carried out during 2015/2016, APEC designed a new toilet block located alongside the school’s main playground. The hilly site meant that there was previously no level access to WC facilities from the playground, and their location on the other side of the school meant a long walk for pupils during school breaks.


The new block provides the necessary facilities and is divided into two separate areas, with individual cubicles for girls on one side and boys on the other. Whilst the cubicles are private, the washbasin area is shared and is fully visible through the glazed entrance screen. This increases passive surveillance from both teachers and other pupils, and vastly reduces the instances of bullying and other unwanted behaviour.


As with our other projects at the site, we have used the school’s wooded surroundings as the influence for the cladding material.  Western Red Cedar has been used to form a nest like fretwork which wraps around the new block; itself of a traditional brick construction.  The fretwork extends across the service yard, with gates concealed within the cladding, giving access to maintenance personnel when required, but ensuring children are kept out of harms way the rest of the time.