Our approach is underpinned by a strong belief that buildings should reflect the values of the people that occupy them, and that the architecture should enhance the activities that it accommodates. 

We are an RIBA Chartered Practice, established in 1969. We are dedicated to pragmatic, carefully considered design, always founded on a deep understanding of our client’s brief. We have proven on both publicly and privately funded projects, that our expertise, creative design skills, and innovative approaches can unlock a scheme’s viability.


We have learnt that engagement should be delivered in a socially inclusive way in order to be meaningful. We design bespoke engagement exercises to respond to the specific groups we are meeting. We have led community consultation tailored to a wide variety of people including children, the elderly, young people with special needs, homeless people, drug addicts, and non-English speakers. We have also held events in a variety of locations including local schools, shopping centres, and community events such as fetes, in recognition of the need to outreach, and not depend on people coming to us.


We believe in a progressive approach to historic building conservation. We have witnessed how pure conservation with no consideration of long-term economic sustainability can fail. Restoration and renovation go hand-in-hand with business planning and conservation management. We are passionate about breathing new life into historic buildings, not only as monuments to the past, but more importantly, as functioning assets, secure for future generations. We are fascinated by the stories uncovered throughout the process and the insights into the lives of our predecessors that these buildings reveal. Heritage is so much more than the physical buildings, and we are sensitive to the special affection such buildings can hold for people. 

APEC Architects have done a fantastic job on the new building, consulting with us as the clients and taking the time to ask the service users for their views in a sensitive manner. The way they brought all the interested parties together regularly for meetings meant that we were all fully informed and on board every step of the journey.

Joy Doal – Project Manager, Anawim