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Latticia worked with us part-time in 2014. She has since been busy getting a First Class honours for her architecture degree at Birmingham School of Architecture and Design, and working in Rotterdam. She worked on education and large-scale residential projects at Geurst & Schulze Architecten, and has also been doing freelance graphic design work for the Womb Room; a safe space for young women with reproductive health problems to share information, learn how to manage their conditions and redefine their womanhood through focusing on reproductive wellbeing.


We’re so excited to have Latticia back, and we want to celebrate by showing off her final design project for her degree.

During my final year project, I designed a building that encouraged participants to become economically sustainable through harnessing their skills to create jewellery in a workshop, to then sell in a boutique shop. Creating buildings and interventions that service the users to better their own lives through on-site resources and imaginative spaces is something I thoroughly enjoy.

Latticia MorapediArchitectural Assistant
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