The staff and students are delighted with the facilities and from a professional point of view I must say I was extremely satisfied with your services and the way in which your Practice handled matters. Of prime importance to me was the high level of time and input we received at Partner level… For a building contract in the region of £2.5 million to finish ahead of time and within budget says a great deal for you and your partners and I would, once again, like to thank you for producing a first class College facility in a most innovative, efficient and friendly manner.

P C Young, Church Army Chief Surveyor, 1994


Church Army




Lead Consultant, Architect, Contract Administrator

RIBA Work Stage




Year Completed

1992 & 2011

In 1988, we designed a new college and its associated residential building for Church Army. We achieved construction within budget and on time, and the building was formally opened by Her Royal Highness, Princess Margaret in the summer of 1992.


Twenty years later, Church Army decided to use the building as their head office, as well as conferences and outreach projects. We were invited back to Sheffield to redesign the internal layout of the college to meet the client’s changing needs.  The new Wilson Carlile Centre is generally a more open-plan, flexible building.  In particular, the reception space is more welcoming with ample natural light and a view through to the courtyard.  The external deck overlooking the eastern, sunken garden encourages the use of this outdoor amenity by visitors and staff, whilst the courtyard is used more as a place of quiet retreat.