New Museum & Library

Feasibility study and concept designs for cultural interventions on a heritage site

  • Architect
RIBA Work Stage
We explored several interventions across a Grade II* Listed site to improve the setting of the heritage assets and provide a new museum, library and archive for precious artefacts.

The original brief was to explore the feasibility of a new event and lecture building on the historic site. Through a rigorous briefing and consultation process, we discovered that simpler interventions in the listed buildings could unlock the additional teaching space required. We also learnt that the existing museum and library would be better located in a new purpose-built building, as it is incredibly difficult to achieve the environmental control required to protect the historical artefacts.


The resulting concept was a smaller building in an area that would improve the setting of the listed buildings. The relocated museum and library would also make culturally significant pieces of history much more accessible to wheelchair users.