Sheffield Community Resources Centre

New community spaces serve 250 vulnerable people per week

Year Completed
RIBA Work Stage
  • Project Lead
  • Architect
  • Contract Administrator
We worked with Sheffield Cathedral to extend and refurbish their community facilities. A series of flexible spaces are now usedĀ for education, training, social meetings, lectures, and exhibitions.

A large part of the project was designed to accommodate theĀ Cathedral Archer Projectā€™s well-established work for disadvantaged people.Ā Ā Serving some 250 people per week,Ā dedicated spaces included a fully equipped medical room, day lounge, dining area, and washing facilities. The project also has use of two other activity rooms subdivided from the main community hall.


Accessibility was a key driver for this scheme, so we used the slope of the existing site to our advantage. Ground level access is providedĀ to both storeys, with the upperĀ floor connecting directly to the west end of the Cathedral Church.

Itā€™s just brilliantā€¦ What the Community Resources Centre has done is to show that new and renewed space in the Cathedral can be provided with a sensitivity and quality that can only add to the spiritual well being of the city.

Stephen LoweBishop of Hulme and Bishop for Urban Life and Faith