Creating a welcoming threshold for the church and the local community

St Barnabas Church
Kingshurst, Birmingham
RIBA Work Stage
  • Project Lead
  • Architect
Design Team
Structural Engineer | Fairhurst

For over 60 years, St. Barnabas Church has served its community within the suburban landscape of North Solihull. As part of a community redevelopment plan, St. Barnabas is undergoing a transformation through a new entrance lobby that will not only grant access to the church and community hall but will also stand as a welcoming beacon for all.

St Barnabas Church is located in the suburb of Kingshurst, North Solihull. The church provides spiritual, social and pastoral services to the community and beyond, and runs a community project called ‘Seeds of Hope’ within their community hall.


The Church and Seeds of Hope project share a common goal: to bridge the gap between the church and the community, ultimately striving to enhance the quality of life for all residents of Kingshurst.


The church is part of a wider masterplan being developed by Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, titled ‘Kingshurst Village Centre’, aiming to create a series of safe and attractive spaces serving the new and old communities, within Kingshurst.

The proposed church renovations include designing a new entrance lobby which will provide access into the church and community hall space, becoming a focal point across the regenerated landscape for both the church and community hall users.

The new lobby will become a focal point along the east-facing elevation. In response to the project brief, it is designed to be welcoming and attractive, ensuring ease of accessibility for all users. The proposed porch has a timber oak frame with glazing, and a red brick cladding to the exterior. The brick meshes seamlessly with the existing facade, whilst the hardwood posts and furnishing soften up the landscape.


Oriented to face the array of proposed developments, the new lobby will become a main feature for the church, and aims to encourage end-users to actively engage with the church and community hall.


The users of this space are eagerly anticipating the project’s completion and the positive transformation it will bring to their community.