Strategic Study for the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country

Consultation and research to support the charity's vision to protect and create space for nature

  • Architect
RIBA Work Stage
We have been helping the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country explore how they can inspire and connect everyone with nature, across four of their sites. What does this involve? Walks through the wilderness, inspiring conversations with people who nurture nature, and research into diverse communities.

The charity recognises that the natural environment has a significant impact on the mental and physical health of the population. We have been working with them to investigate how they can widen access to their incredible sites for everyone. We undertook consultation, research and site appraisals to evolve a strategy in line with the charity’s vision. We uncovered fascinating stories and connections with these natural environments, and opportunities where small interventions, where appropriate, could make these precious spaces even more inclusive.

EcoPark is a fantastic resource for us as a school, providing children [with a] safe outdoor space in which to enjoy nature and the environment, learn to respect and most all, just have time to be children in the outdoors. EcoPark should be protected at all costs as it creates so many memories for children.

Consultee teacher