Ormskirk Street United Reformed Church

Ken Fisher's first APEC project

St Helen’s
Year Completed
£0.5m (approx. £3.3m now)

The intention throughout this project was to provide not just a conventional Church, but a place to serve the people of St. Helens.  The brief called for a worship space, which could be adapted to suit various arrangements and sizes of congregation, a social “free association” area, foyer, administrative offices and vestries, lecture theatre and group rooms, memorial chapel and quiet reading room.


From the outside, the many parts of the building are not readily apparent.  The overriding impression is of the sloping, lead-covered roof, which shelters the enclosed spaces and rides above a brick base.  The brickwork extends to the corners of the site, enclosing external areas and matching that in general use in St. Helens.  This was one of several attempts to provide continuity in what was a radical approach to church building.  The main approach is identified by a beak-like porch which projects from the main cladding.  In this space hangs a recast eighteenth century bell, from the original chapel.