Shirley Baptist Church

Delivering new community facilities in the heart of Shirley

Shirley Baptist Church
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RIBA Work Stage
In 1998, we helped Shirley Baptist Church gain planning permission for a new building that could expand and enhance the way they serve a diverse range of community needs. Their vision came to life in 2013 alongside the construction of the Shirley Parkgate Shopping Centre.

The new building sites on the site of the old halls to the rear of the church. These old halls were well used, but had reached the end of their useful life and were limiting the church’s community aspirations. A range of spaces are provided within the new facility, including a large sports hall, meeting rooms, offices, informal lounges and counselling rooms.

In 2008, we also completed works to reorder the main church itself to enable the church to hold a whole range of events, such as concerts, that had not been previously possible with the fixed pew layout.  We also replaced the unwelcoming timber entrance doors with a new glazed screen; allowing passers-by on the high street to connect with the activities in the worship space beyond.

We are absolutely delighted with the way the building has come together, and really appreciate your expertise in the design.

Paul CampionSenior Minister, Shirley Baptist Church